2012 CFP Audit Passed

Posted in Updates, Oct. 1, 2012

ITI Glass passed the 2012 PPG Industries Certified Fabricator Program Audit in September, renewing its membership in the program.

PPG requires its fabricators to pass an annual audit that addresses all aspects of glass fabrication. ITI Glass has been a CFP member since 2006.

The Certified Fabricator Program is a collection of glass fabricators that commit to meeting production standards established by PPG. Each CFP works hard to deliver quality fabricated PPG architectural glass for a fair price, faster than the competition.

"PPG has such a strong brand value," said David Wickham, ITI Glass General Manager. "Having a tie to PPG through the CFP program gives us access to supply our customers with great PPG products."

CFP members source PPG’s complete line of architectural glass products, including SOLARBAN solar control low-e.

CFP Audit

Each CFP maintains production standards established by PPG that cover every aspect of glass fabrication. PPG requires CFP members to recertify each year by passing a comprehensive audit that addresses production and processing techniques, and overall quality of the finished product.

"The CFP audit offers an independent set of eyes from a company that does things by the book," said Wickham. "When you’re selling a product that needs to last a long time, it’s important to have a knowledgeable company like PPG as an older, wiser mentor."

The audit has two levels of criteria, a minimum required standard and opportunities for improvement. CFP audit scores reflect a fabricator’s ability to both meet the required criteria and how much improvement has been made in areas designated as opportunities for improvement year to year.

"There’s a minimum standard we have to meet to stay in the program, but we’ve learned a lot by improving the areas PPG recommends," said Wickham.

CFP Training

To get optimal quality from many glass fabrication processes requires technical knowledge and skill. PPG regularly trains CFP members on the best practices for cutting, tempering, insulating and processing coated glass products.

"It’s one thing to invest in good equipment, and we’ve done that," said Wickham. "But at the end of the day, what we really bank on are great employees doing great work. That’s the value of training through PPG.

"By having a relationship with an experienced company like PPG, we can educate our people about the science behind the processes. It really enriches all of our people and gives us the tools to become a better fabricator."

Contact ITI Glass for more information about PPG products and the Certified Fabricator Program.