Working With Performance Data Tables

Posted in Updates, Feb. 21, 2013

New Glass Performance Data Tables include hundreds of glazing products from several manufacturers you can filter, sort and compare.

Currently, there are four Performance Data Tables: Insulating, Insulating Laminated, Monolithic, and All Glazings (all products listed in one table). The tables are designed to help you match architectural specifications and quickly find the right glass products.

For example, to view only glass products that match a specification that requires clear solar control low-e insulating glass units that meet a minimum solar heat gain coefficient of 0.30, follow the steps below. You will want to open this in a separate window or print this page to follow along.

  1. On the website, hover over the Performance link in the red navigation bar. In the drop-down list that appears click Insulating.
  2. Once the page loads, in the first group of filters under the Aesthetics heading, click the box next to Clear/Neutral. A checkmark will appear.
  3. Under the Coating heading click the box next to Solar Control.
  4. Under the SHGC (solar heat gain coefficient) heading, click two boxes, one next to 0.25 to 0.34 and one next to 0.24 and Less.
  5. Because the example doesn’t require argon, under the Fill heading, click the box next to Air (-) This will only display products with a standard air fill.
  6. Under the Sort column, click the box next to SHGC. A dot will also appear in the first round button to the right of SHGC. This determines that the results will be sorted low to high.
  7. Click the blue Update Table button just below the filter options on the right and wait for the table to load.
  8. Scroll down to view the table. In the table under the gray Compare Details heading, select three products to compare by clicking three boxes of your choice. Then, click one of the blue Compare buttons.
  9. You will see a window pop up that has the products you selected in a comparison view. Click the blue View, Print in Separate Window link to hold your results in a new window.

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